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New lubricant for cutting operations on tubes manufacturing lines

2018-07-31 10:09:18

For cutting operations in manufacturing lines of welded stainless steel tubes, Condoroil designed a new lubricant – CONDORLUBE R 666. CONDORLUBE R 666 leaves the surface dry and bright, avoiding oily residues that opacify the surfaces and that collect the dirt of the workshop, making cleaningof the tubes necessary - often manually.

Moreover, among dusts that adhere to the surfaces, are also present metal oxides which act as a trigger for corrosive phenomena. These phenomena, with the presence of an oily surface layer that prevents the maintenance of an adequate passivation film, can result in the formation of reddish lines and/or spots due to the oxidation of the material.

CONDORLUBE R666 is added to the series of formulas developed for the production of clean and bright stainless steel tubes. These include the CONDORLUBE S410 for profiling and CONDORLUBE Z20 R for satin finishing.


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