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Forming Machine

2018-10-11 14:11:56

The working principle of the molding machine is similar to that of the syringe for injection. It uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to inject the plasticized molten state (ie, the viscous flow state) into the closed cavity. The process of obtaining the product after curing and setting.

 Injection molding is a cyclic process, and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melt plasticizing - pressure injection - filling mold cooling - mold extraction. After removing the plastic part, the mold is closed again and the next cycle is performed.



(1) The molding machine computer adopts the imported host computer chip of the PLC, matches the liquid crystal display, the software standby fault self-diagnosis system and the error correction function, which makes the operation more convenient. The control program is designed in a fool-like manner, and can be put into operation without professional training.


(2) The whole hydraulic drive of the molding machine has the first stepless hydraulic frequency modulation technology in China, which solves the adaptability of the molding machine to various materials and block types, improves the compactness of materials and shortens the molding cycle.

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